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Seismic Solaris Blackout
Old 10-02-2010, 04:23 PM
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Seismic Solaris Blackout

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Re: Solaris Blackout
Old 04-17-2011, 10:20 AM
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Lightbulb Re: Solaris Blackout

Pin Length
Starting Top Weight----2.75oz
Ball Weight----14lbs 4oz

Pin to PAP
CG to PAP----4"

Rev Rate
Ball Speed----15mph


2000grit polished(OOB Finish)
4000grit no polish(Adjusted Finish)


Volume----Medium Volume

Length---- plenty with(4000grit)more @(OOB)2000grit polished
Back End----Strong Arc Motion off the dry downlane
Overall Hook----Good on Fresh or Broken down patterns
Midlane Read----Very Smooth and Controllable.
Breakpoint Shape----Not Flippy or Weak, but very strong motion.

Likes---- Not as strong overall compared to the Aftermath Pearl/Solid & Epicenter, in overall hook and backend motion. Really needed a ball to go when the lanes break down quickly or for 2nd shift leagues.

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Solaris Blackout
Old 01-08-2012, 04:07 PM
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Solaris Blackout

Seismic Solaris Blackout

Pin Length---- 3.5-4”
Ball Weight---- 15lb

Rico layout

Ball Speed----16mph
PAP/Track----4 R

Grit---- 2000 Abralon (OOB finish)
Type (Matte, Polish, Sanded)---- Polished

Length---- 38”
Type (Wall, Xmas Tree, Sport)---- Kegel Easy Street

Length----- enough
Back End---- nice arching motion that continues through the pins
Overall Hook---- very smooth, not to early not to late controlled arch down the lane.

Likes----- Drilled this to give me a nice continuous role from start to finish. Easy ball to make adjustment with and can sustain a three game set on any THS I have encountered. Like my Raging bull Charged I can play down the boards or a moderate swing (15-8) with no problems on most shots. Doesn’t blast the pins but knocks them down and that’s good enough for me. Check out the Seismic facebook page at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgSn9rbtZpk.

Dislikes---- N/A

Re-attack: plugged the Rico layout (was rolling up on finger). new layout is pin under bridge, CG 1/2" right of center span. I like this layout much better. ball gets nice lenght and recovers very well. Real forgiving playing 12-7 area. Rolled it in a 9-pin tournament after re-drill for first time and shot 875.

Video link---- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqSd-...ature=youtu.be

Seismic Raging Bull Charged
Seismic Solaris Blackout
Seismic Desperado LE
Seismic Raging Bull
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Re: Solaris Blackout
Old 01-17-2012, 11:00 AM
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Re: Solaris Blackout

Pin Length - 2.5"
Starting Top Weight - 3 oz
Ball Weight - 15.2lbs

Pin to PAP - 4.5
CG to PAP - 4
X Hole (if needed) - P2
MB Location - n/a
Drill Angle - 60
VAL Angle - 35

Rev Rate - 380
Ball Speed - 18.5
PAP/Track - 4 1/4" left 1/2" up


Grit - 2000
Type (Matte, Polish, Sanded) -

Length - 44'
Volume - Medium-Heavy
Type (Wall, Xmas Tree, Sport) - THS (Modified Kegel High Street)

Length - 6
Back End - 9
Overall Hook - 8
Midlane Read - 9
Breakpoint Shape - Smooth arcing ball

Carry - Loves to mix them up. Solid hit and keeps the pins low.
Likes - Can handle any lane condition. A great ball first out of the bag. Let's me determine if I need to shell up or shell down.
Dislikes - Nothing at all. By far the best ball in my bag.
Other - Ball is clean through the heads, doesn't mind over/under, or carry down. The ball always finds the pocket.
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Re: Solaris Blackout
Old 05-30-2012, 02:01 PM
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Re: Solaris Blackout

Seismic Blackout
Headline: If you own this versatile ball, you will find a way to fit it into your bag.

Drilled 70x4.5x50 (puts pin in ring for me), hole 2" down VAL

Bowler stats:
Two-handed bowler
Speed: 16-16.5 monitor
Rev dominant
Medium axis rotation, slightly low tilt
PAP 5 and even

Goal: Being a two-handed bowler, I generally prefer a ball that isn't too jumpy. This ball was intended to go fairly long before making a smooth turn to the pocket on medium conditions. This is intended to be a benchmark, medium oil ball for me.

THS experiences:
I first tried this ball at OOB (2000 + polish) on a burnt THS and found it to be surprisingly jumpy off the spot. I expected the ball to be very smooth, but the friction on the lane combined with my rev rate turned this ball into a very hard arc. It wasn't QUITE the snap I was getting from my Euphoria, but it was pretty darn close. My reaction was comparable to my Motiv Primal Impulse. Not a true snap, but still a hard move off the spot. The lanes did have some carry down in the middle of the lane from the plastic chuckers that were on the pair before me, and the Blackout at box struggled with this. If I didn't get the ball out to where the friction was, the ball just kept sliding.

I didn't make any surface changes too quickly, figuring that the burnt/carrydown lanes were causing the reaction I was getting. However, I got the same reaction on the fresh shot that was laid down for my league that week. The lack of carrydown on the fresh shot helped the ball tremendously, and it never struggled to turn the corner on this light medium fresh shot, but it was still a hard arc that was a little too jumpy off the dry than what I drilled it for. If I didn't have the Euphoria, I probably would've left the ball alone and used it as my medium-light THS monster (though the reaction wasn't what I expected, I was shredding the rack). The reaction I was getting was pretty close to my Euphoria though, so off to the spinner it went.

I have since tried it at various surfaces:
true 4000ab: smoothed it out a little, but not as much as I wanted. Still more of a medium-light ball for me and still struggled to turn the corner when carry down was present.

true 1000ab: smoothed it out a lot and instantly solved all carry down problems. The ball was starting much earlier on the lane and turned into a true medium oil ball for me. Unfortunately, if the oil wasn't fresh the ball would start too early and ring 10 pins. At 1000 grit, the ball didn't like to play a big swing as much as it did before. (This surface DID handle long sport patterns great though, as I'll describe below.)

500-2000ab: Needing a little more length but wanting to keep the strength of the 1000, I went with 500-2000 skip-a-grit. This gave me some additional length with more pop than true 2000ab. BINGO. This ball has become the most used ball in my bag since that switch. Fairly smooth, but still with plenty of pop. It handles fresh mediums and medium-lights perfectly and is my go-to ball for anything on the lighter side of medium when carrydown is present (which I see often in the summer when kids are out of school). At this surface, I have no problem moving left and swinging the ball (as you can see in the video below). It is the benchmark ball I was dreaming about when I bought it. I can use the ball on everything but heavy oil, short oil, and no oil.

Sport experiences:
WTBA Atlanta (38'): Ball was still OOB. Due to the jumpiness of the ball OOB for me, I was able to start with the ball with a big swing but had to put it down fairly quickly.
WTBA Paris (47'): Ball was at 1000. Surprisingly, this ball destroyed this pattern for me. Though long, the pattern is fairly low volume. I was able to keep the ball close to the headpin and the pin carry was fantastic. I had some tug room inside due to the puddle in the middle, but I was dead if I missed right. This was my best night of my sport league.
Cheetah: Ball at 2000. Too strong with my rev rate on this pattern. I had to use urethane on the Cheetah.
Scorpion: Ball at 2000. Had a pretty good look playing a small swing on the fresh (15 at arrows to about 8 at the break), but was better off with something stronger. Had a board of miss room inside, but could not miss right. I was able to use this ball much more effectively towards the end of the 6 game set.

Quick video (burnt THS at current 2000ab surface):
  Thanks from:

Re: Solaris Blackout
Old 06-11-2012, 10:39 PM
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Re: Solaris Blackout

Pin Length -3-4
Starting Top Weight - 2 oz.
Ball Weight -15

Pin to PAP - 4 7/8"

CG to PAP - 4 7/8"
X Hole (if needed) - none
MB Location - n/a
Drill Angle - n/a
VAL Angle - n/a

Rev Rate - 425-450

Ball Speed - 17 mph
PAP/Track - 4 7/8 > , 7/8^
4 7/8
See below

Grit - oob, 500 ab, 2000 ab skip grit
Type (Matte, Polish, Sanded) - polish, and skip grit w/ no polish

Length -40 ft

Volume -Med hvy-Med
Type (Wall, Xmas Tree, Sport) - THS

Length - 7.5
Back End - 9
Overall Hook -8
Midlane Read - 8
Breakpoint Shape - Strong, smooth and continuous

Carry -Excellent
Likes -Cover takes surface adjustments with ease, perfect THS ball for crankers.

Dislikes -OOB finish was too over/under

Other -

The Solaris Blackout is the perfect benchmark ball. After sigining with Seismic, this was the one ball I knew I had to have, especially with the success I've had with lower differential pieces in the past. The Blackout lives up to the expectations I had about it.

I went with just a basic layout I use on alot of pieces, in general this layout, pin over bridge with cg in the palm and no xtra hole give me easy length and nice pop on the back. Oob surface on the Blackout with the factory polish was just too over under for me. After a little tinkering, I settled on 500 abralon, 2000 abralon skip grit with no polish, and within a week of doing this I shot my 6th overall 300 game, and first as a review staffer with Seismic.

Where this ball shines for me with the surface I have is the smoothness that it reads the lanes with now. Its also one of the few pieces I've thrown that I can say with for a 3 game set. From down and in, to hooking it quite a bit, its very versatile. Generally I get my best look with it when the transition hits and folks have blown up 10 with surface, I can chase the shot in with the Blackout and use the oil towards the middle of the lane as hold, and never worry about it checking early on me.

All in all, I'd have to say that right now this is my favorite piece in the Seismic lineup, its such a unique ball reaction, and just a type of ball that not alot of companies put out, but probably should be ironically. If your on the fence about the Blackout, pull the trigger on it you will not be disappointed.

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Re: Seismic Solaris Blackout
Old 11-05-2012, 02:37 AM

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Re: Seismic Solaris Blackout

The Solaris Blackout has got to be my favorite ball ever. I have never thorwn a ball with so much control. If you don't have one in your bag then you need to buy one. If you already have one in you bag, you need another one and drill it differently because everyone should at least have two of these. Awesome balls.


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